Others, elsewhere

respectfully reckoned referable

Friends who have their own personal public websites:

Julia Orth

An inspiring peer correspondent to my much younger self. She died far too soon, for no good reason, and she still haunts me.

Nick Blanchard-Wright

Unschool chum, fellow frisbee flinger and one-time housemate; now a professional developer in Portland’s web ecosystem.

Charlie Lloyd

Another online unschool cohort and occasional dinner guest; now a pixel-wrangling professional digital geographer with a fine blog.

Ryan Spangler

College buddy and collaborator in various mental adventures; a Master of Systems and a web media professional.

Senior colleagues who know my work and my character:

Andrew Black

Challenged and encouraged me as his student, teaching assistant, and research collaborator.

Christof Teuscher

Put me to work in his research lab and gave me good advice.

Melanie Mitchell

Managed my NetLogo development efforts for Complexity Explorer.

Ivan Sutherland

Engaged me in technical discussions, gave me valuable feedback, and personally sponsored some of my research.